Victoria English

RESILIENT ME Online Courses

Helping you better understand your emotional health, the brain and how stress impacts the brain and body.  It gives strategies for resilience.


Online Course – 4 sessions

There are 2 series – 1 afternoon and 1 evening.

Each session is 2 hours long.

Dates to be confirmed:

Session 1 – Mental Health Awareness

Understanding how the brain works and what happens when we start to struggle with our mental health signs and symptoms.

Session 2 – Emotional Wellbeing

This session provides the tools to better understand our emotional health, the negative pre-set and tools to improve resilience. Empowering participants with tools to rewire the brain through neuroplasticity.

Session 3 – Stress Control

This session provides effective techniques for managing workplace stress, proven coping strategies for reducing anxiety and key skills for thriving under pressure. Helping participants to avoid mental exhaustion and tiredness. Recognise their triggers and manage them better. Become more productive & start thriving under pressure. Gain proven stress management skills to cope with stress at work.

Victoria’s course was all about those coping strategies and teaching us all about the brain and ways to cope if you are stressed, unmotivated. One big thing that helped me and motivated me was at the end of the course we all had to make a vision board.

This board was all about our aspirations. This really helped because what I now want to achieve is clear.

This has really impacted myself as every day I am motivated and when I am not, I have got those strategies that Victoria has taught us to help myself.

Thank you so much for a brilliant course this morning”

Session 4 – Implementing A Wellness Action Plan

 This plenary session reviews their current wellbeing and uses life coaching techniques to motivate participants to make meaningful changes by setting goals.

It also explores how to use problem solving tools to investigate solutions to barriers to personal, professional and informs the participants how to implement a Wellness Action Plan.